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What is the Donor Egg Program?

Donor Egg Program is a medical procedure, which often comes in handy in helping infertile women conceive a baby. In this procedure, eggs from a fertile woman are collected, fertilized by sperm in a lab, and then implanted into the cavity of an infertile mother.

When Is Donor Egg Recommended in Indore?

Your doctor may advise you to opt for a donor egg program in Indore in case of the below-mentioned conditions:

  • Repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts;
  • Ovarian tissue is severely damaged;
  • Congenital absence of the ovaries;
  • After surgical removal of the ovaries;
  • When there are too few eggs left in the ovaries;
  • Genetic defects in a woman;
  • Natural loss of reproductive function in women over 40;

How Donor Egg Program in Indore Works

The first step involved in the donor egg program is the extraction of the eggs from a fertile woman. Only a woman who meets the below-mentioned criteria can donate her eggs:

  • age not older than 35 years;
  • absence of HIV, previous syphilis, hepatitis, and other infections;
  • having at least one own child;
  • leads a healthy lifestyle, does not smoke, does not use alcohol and drugs;
  • mentally healthy;

Eggs for fertilization can be taken from a donor just before the procedure. This is preceded by a preparation stage, wherein women are comprehensively examined, after which hormone therapy is prescribed to them to synchronize their menstrual cycles. After the eggs are obtained, fertilization is carried out with the sperm of the recipient's husband or any other sperm donor, and then the fertilized eggs are inserted into an infertile woman.

What Are The Risks Involved In Donor Egg Program?

IVF with a donor egg can also fail sometimes and may not help you conceive a baby just like the usual IVF procedure. Although we mindfully pick healthful donors and take all actions to guarantee the protection of the eggs, other circumstances may oppose, such as health problems in a woman, due to which the embryo cannot correctly implant in the uterus and develop. If the procedure fails, you can repeat it.

What Are the Advantages of Donor Egg Program in Indore

Using the eggs of a young donor significantly increases the chances of successful IVF and this is the biggest advantage of the donor egg program in the Indore. Over the years, we have helped numerous infertile couples have the opportunity to get a long-awaited child with our donor egg program. Get in touch with us today to discover if you are a suitable candidate to opt for a donor egg program.