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What is Ovarian Stimulation?

One of the most common health issues experienced by women is infertility. There are many medicinal and surgical ways, including ovarian stimulation that can help treat the condition of infertility and offer women an opportunity to become a mother of a long-awaited baby. Ovarian stimulation is preferred by women throughout the globe as it can help them get pregnant and deliver healthy babies. With ovarian stimulation procedure, the maturation of eggs and the ovulation process are activated.

When is Ovarian Stimulation Recommended in Indore?

  1. In the absence of ovulation in several cycles in a row
  2. If the spouses are over 35 years old
  3. During intrauterine insemination
  4. If the couple cannot conceive a child of their own
  5. Before freezing cells for future fertilization

Preparation for Ovarian Stimulation

In order to help a woman conceive and deliver a healthy baby, ovarian stimulation is vital before IVF. Your doctor will perform certain tests to figure out causes that might be obstructing stimulation. First of all, the patients receive a referral for tests that rule out health problems. Before carrying out ovarian stimulation, the couple must go through the following tests:

  1. Test for the presence of genital infections
  2. Blood test for RH factor
  3. Smear on the microflora of the vagina
  4. Tests for TORCH infections
  5. Hormone tests
  6. Spermogram

How Ovarian Stimulation in Indore is Carried Out

There can be several factors resulting in lack of ovulation, for example, hormonal imbalance, overweight, underweight, and many other gynecological conditions. With ovarian stimulation, the menstrual cycle can be restored to ensure normal production and fertilization of the eggs. Ovarian stimulation is suitable for women having a hormonal imbalance, due to which, follicles do not burst or develop. The essence of ovarian stimulation lies in its ability to neutralize hormonal defects and restore ovulation with the help of drugs. In a large part of the cases, to stimulate the ovaries, drugs are used. In accordance with the result of the examination, your doctor will select the specific drugs.

For a number of reasons, a woman may fail to conceive. If lack of ovulation is the case, ovarian stimulation can work wonders. Visit our IVF center in Indore or call us now to find out more about ovarian stimulation.