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What is Surrogacy

Sometimes it becomes impossible for a woman to conceive and bear a child naturally or with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF) owing to the issues of the reproductive system and uterus. This is where surrogacy in Indore comes to the rescue. Surrogacy is a procedure, in which, an embryo, obtained in the laboratory from the biological material of the future parents, is transferred into the uterus of a healthy woman who has the ability to conceive and bear a child. Surrogacy is a long procedure and both the surrogate mother and future parents need to follow specific medical instructions.

Best Center for Surrogacy in Indore

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Types of Surrogacy

There are two types of surrogacy that are discussed below:

Traditional Surrogacy

In the case of traditional surrogacy, a woman gets inseminated with the sperm of the future father or donated sperm, allows it to develop in her own body and carry a child up to its birth, and then handover the newborn baby to the couple.

Gestational Surrogacy

In the case of gestational surrogacy, the eggs and sperm from a coupe are obtained and fertilized outside. It is then placed into the uterus of a woman who carries and gives birth to a child.

Why People Choose Surrogacy in Indore

Surrogacy is nothing new to this world. It has been in practice for years. The Inability to conceive and bear a child naturally is the biggest reason for couples opting for surrogacy, not only in Indore but throughout the globe. People do also opt for surrogacy for many other reasons in addition to infertility, and some of them are listed below:

  • Unwillingness to experience the hardships of pregnancy, endure pain during childbirth, risk health, etc.
  • Desire to save time, continue working or sports career;
  • Unwillingness to spoil the figure, because pregnancy results in stretch marks, excess weight, sagging breasts, pigmentation on the skin, and a host of other cosmetic problems;

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